The Cowgirl Diaries

The Cowgirl Diaries: A cowgirl arrives in Canada

This post is a little delayed as I have been in Canada for about 10 days already but I’ve been so busy going to rodeos, buying cowboy hats, being bitten by mosquitos, seeing bears and getting lost in the woods that I haven’t had time to write anything down!

Me, in all my sleep-deprived glory, getting lots of strange looks in the airport

The journey to Canada had a rocky start… To begin with my flight from Glasgow was delayed for an hour once we were on board due to “catering problems”. I’m about 80% sure that was all my fault and we were actually waiting for them to load my special vegetarian meal option… (Which I got in the end and it was great, thanks Air Canada!) 

I did manage to wrangle two seats to myself thanks to the lovely English woman who also wanted to sleep and so moved from her aisle seat to three free seats in the middle of the plane. (This is a good way to make friends on a flight… Especially if you sit in your assigned seat first and offer Toronto travel tips to the girl in the window seat- me- before moving)

My flight was operated by Air Canada Rouge the slightly more budget-friendly arm of Air Canada and this means in-flight entertainment was limited and you had to bring your own device to watch it on. To be honest though I was so excited about landing in Canada I can’t even remember what movies I watched now…


This is why I always book window seats
So after the delay that I may or may not have caused and several hours of drifting in and out of sleep just in time to eat and drink LOTS of coffee the plane (and myself and my backpack that weighs the same as me) landed in Toronto.

I was initially worried about border control because I hadn’t yet booked a return flight as I’m not sure which city I’ll fly out from. But my first impression of the Canadian people was exactly what I expected, the border guard asked me some questions, looked through my papers then smiled and stamped my passport.

Officially landed I head outside into the Toronto sunshine for the busiest layover EVER, which will be covered in the next post.

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