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The Cowgirl Diaries: Introduction

Exciting things!

I finally graduated from Queen’s University Belfast with a degree in English with Creative Writing last week.

To celebrate “being an adult” I decided to avoid all adult responsibility and instead hop on a plane to Canada for six months in pursuit of becoming a cowgirl.

Rather than posting about this adventure on my regular blog (which desperately needs updating, ooops) I have decided instead to write a whole new section for my existing blog, entitled “The Cowgirl Diaries”. Hopefully this will be an easier way for friends and family back home to keep up to date.

I will still be writing about the adventures I have already been on this year (Venice, Brussels, Amsterdam etc) on the main blog but all posts pertaining to Canada will be posted under the “Cowgirl Diaries” tab at the top of the blog! Hopefully the attached Instagram (@worldcallingmehome) photos will be visible under the #TheCowgirlDiaries hashtag and any tweets (@worldcallingme) will be under that same hashtag too!

Call back for my first update soon…

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