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Introduce yourself? Okay!


My name is Georgia-Rose and I’m a travel obsessed, coffee dependant, 22-year-old originally from Cumbria, England. By way of Belfast, Northern Ireland and Indianapolis, IN, USA I am currently travelling around the world calling each new place home.

At 18 years old I moved from Cumbria to Belfast to attend the Queen’s University Belfast to study English with Creative Writing. While studying I earned a scholarship that allowed me to move to America. It was during my year in America that I discovered “Solo travelling” and realised that if I wasn’t waiting for people to go with me, I could travel anywhere in the world!

This realisation lead to adventures all over the USA and Mexico and, once I returned to Europe, I dedicated every spare second to travelling. Weekends in Norway and Denmark, Easter in Venice, exam recovery breaks in Amsterdam, visiting old friends in Belgium… Any flight from Dublin that I could be on, I was on.

A lot of people wonder how I afford to travel, but it is almost 100% self funded (apart from the odd Christmas/Birthday present money here and there). I have worked full time in offices every summer while home from university and during my final year of studying I was also holding down three jobs. One of the best ways I save money it to take great advantage of www.workaway.info and the many, many generous hosts willing to let me stay in their houses and eat their food in exchange for me riding and training their horses.

The purpose of this blog is mainly to keep a record of the places I go and the recommendations I have for others looking for inspiration. I have many wonderful friends all over the world who ask me for advice and tips on places they know I’ve been, so hopefully they can now refer easily to my blog!

I hope you enjoy joining on me on my travels, feel free to reach out via Twitter @WorldCallingMe, Instagram @WorldCallingMeHome, in comments on my blog or at my email: worldcallingmehome@gmail.com

xoxo Gia

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